Unburdening for better safety outcomes in industrial contractor management

With the complexity of regulations and the need for efficient operations, HSSE managers and safety managers are constantly looking for methods to improve both compliance and safety. In this context, the concept of unburdening emerges as a pivotal strategy, offering a pathway to streamline processes, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance safety outcomes. By focusing on simplifying contractor management, organizations can better navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring that safety standards are not only met but exceeded.
Will De Vos, Team Lead Customer and Contractor Care, shares his expertise on the advantages of this approach, strategies for implementation, and its impact on overall safety and efficiency within the sector.

Can you explain what ‘unburdening’ specifically means in the context of contractor management?

Will De Vos: “When it comes to “unburdening” at Onyx, we go beyond just simplifying processes. We want to be an extension of your team, rolling up our sleeves and taking over those routine tasks that bog you down. By streamlining workflows and eliminating administrative headaches, we free up your contractor managers’ time and resources.

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This empowers them to shift their focus to the things that truly matter: strategic initiatives, building strong relationships, and bringing real value to the table. It’s all about partnership and empowerment, and we believe it makes a world of difference.”

How does Onyx’s approach to unburdening contractOR managers with hands-on tasks distinguish ONYX ONE from other SaaS solutions in the market, and why is this significant for improving safety and efficiency in contractor management?

Will De Vos: “Onyx stands out by leading the change management process from the start. We offer workshops, tackle resistance, and provide support, ensuring a smooth system adoption. Our hands-on guidance from pre-implementation through ongoing management sets us apart, allowing contractor managers to focus on safety and efficiency. This approach not only differentiates us but also makes significant safety and efficiency improvements more achievable for our clients.”

What specific steps does Onyx take to ensure a smooth transition during the implementation process, and how does ongoing support look like for clients?

Will De Vos: “Onyx begins unburdening clients before the system goes live! Instead of just software, Onyx delivers success built on collaboration and continuous improvement. We believe smooth transitions are crucial, so we guide you through everything with tailored workshops and proactive change management.”

“A team of dedicated specialists ensures swift and efficient adoption, minimizing disruption and maximizing your team’s productivity. And the support doesn’t stop there. We offer multilingual support beyond a basic helpdesk, actively listening and partnering with you through regular check-ins, open dialogue forums, and regular follow-up meetings.”

“We empower everyone for smooth collaboration, including contractors. Our dedicated information spaces,

comprehensive online help centre, 24/7 chat/resolution-bot “Ally,” and proactive “Contractor Care” service ensure everyone has the information and support they need to succeed. It’s like having an extension of your team handling critical aspects of the process.”

“After the roll-out, our clients can become actively involved in our Impact Meetings where we bring together all our clients for knowledge sharing, best practice identification, and open discussions on various contractor management topics.”

“Beyond client-to-client learning, we have an expert panel featuring health, safety, quality (HSQ), and legal specialists who share their insights and address possible concerns in those areas. Additionally, our online forum fosters ongoing discussion and knowledge exchange.”

“We’re not just offering software, we’re offering a partnership for a smoother, more successful journey.”

How does the concept of unburdening align with the evolving needs of contractor management in today’s industrial sectors?

Will De Vos: “As industrial sectors evolve, they face increasing regulatory, safety, and efficiency demands. Unburdening addresses these challenges by simplifying contractor management processes, focusing on operational agility and safety compliance.”

“Take legal changes, they’re a whirlwind! But our expert panels keep clients informed and help them adapt. Plus, our Impact Meetings? It’s all about peer-to-peer learning, and sharing best practices to stay ahead of the curve. But unburdening isn’t just about knowledge, it’s about action.”

“Our software streamlines tasks, empowers contractors with resources, and with our Contractor Care service, we proactively manage compliance – that’s a weight off anyone’s shoulders!”

“This strategy is essential for adapting to rapid changes and maintaining a focus on core operational goals. It represents a shift towards efficiency and resilience, ensuring industries can meet regulatory demands while fostering innovation and strategic growth. Unburdening is not just a practice but a necessary evolution, emphasizing safety, compliance, and excellence in operations.”

In what unique way does Onyx One relieve new customers of the typical challenges of getting started with contractOR management?

Will De Vos: “By proactively addressing contractor management challenges with a number of key features. By providing guided onboarding, lifetime comprehensive support and training, and customizable modules to meet your company’s specific needs.

Onyx One offers tailored care. To give you an example, our chatbot settings are configured so that the contractor searching for information gets answers specific to the client they are working for. Onyx One’s contractor management system has an extensive database of pre-qualified contractors already working with the system. This often speeds up the process considerably!”

Together, we tackle the challenges of contractor management,
ensuring you have the support you need