An implementation manager ensures that the whole change management process stays nicely on track. You can rest easy knowing you’re not in this alone. A detailed project plan will be drawn up so that all stakeholders understand what happens when and what their roles are. Afterward, you (…and your contractors) continue to benefit from our Help Desk’s support. That’s our guarantee.

Project Group

For a structured approach to the entire implementation process, a project group containing representatives from your various departments is set up. The whole process is drafted and designed in detail during several workshops. To facilitate clear decision-making, all jobs (positions) are discussed. A project starts by delineating the scope, defining groups, and setting qualification levels and workflow at the company level.

Integration Workshops

Onyx also organizes and supervises integration workshops. These workshops cover SSO (Single Sign-On), access system integration, SAP, BI reports, and a variety of other issues. Since integration workshops are for the more tech-savvy, they are attended by the client, their external provider, and Onyx One consultants.

Beta & Live

Does everyone have a good grasp of the whole process? If so, it’s time to set up a beta environment that will serve as a testing and acceptance environment. Key stakeholders are trained to use Onyx One and coached through a pilot. Pilot contractors may also be involved during this stage. The pilot’s objective is to test and run all the processes. If integrations are already available, then you can expect to see them during the pilot. Once the beta environment has been modified and approved, the live environment is set up.

Contractor invitations

The live environment signals the moment for managing communication with the contractor companies. Each contractor chooses a point of contact. The contractor company registers its contact in Onyx One or shares its company details if the contact person already partners with Onyx One. If you work with lots of contractors, invitations are sent out in batches.

Onyx One is now your go-to system

Once the partnership is set up, you can start approving. And to get that job done, you can always count on our guidance and support. We also have a Contractor Care plan, the must-have option if you’d like Onyx to make everything infinitely easier throughout this process.

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