Management System

  • Qualifying (sub)contractors

  • Managing turnarounds

  • Auditproof

  • Qualifying contractor companies

  • Evaluating contractors

  • Digital contractor training

  • Instant communication

  • Automated follow-up

  • Evaluating contractor companies

Onyx One is a contractor management system. It’s the SaaS solution for organizing and monitoring client-contractor relationships.

  • Reliable, all-in, and stable
  • Follow-up and training of contractors and subcontractors
  • ISO 27001 certified

We are Onyx

Do you work with third parties in an industrial environment? Great! Onyx One is the solution for automating the compliance, safety, and impact of contractor processes. Onyx One has been an industry partner for over a decade.

The system is reliable, all-in, and stable – taking care of the qualification process, onboarding, and contractor and subcontractor follow-up. Functional modules are what make this intuitive software work.





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In cooperation with European industry

Intuitive software with modular solutions

Onyx One is an end-to-end digital process with automated certificate and validity date tracking.


Faster yet safer

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More certainty, fewer queues


The safety training revisited


The efficiency in communication

Follow up

Auditproof at all times

Onyx and you

The customer has a central role

Faster yet safer

With Onyx One Qualification, you have a successful workflow for qualifying your contractors and subcontractors. It is a secure, fast and safe way of qualifying, partially automatic, but without you losing control….

More certainty, fewer queues

Your contractors and subcontractors are qualified and approved? With Onyx One Registration, every third party entering your site is registered in advance and for a certain period of time. In case of problems or incidents, access can easily be denied.

The safety training revisited

Are your safety rules known and followed? Or is security training limited to watching a gate film and/or signing an A4 sheet? Thanks to Onyx One Training, your safety policy becomes truly effective. Get to know safety, adapted to your company’s specific requirements.

The efficiency in communication

Onyx One Communication ensures centralized, transparent and traceable communication. The tool avoids data silos and simplifies communication with contractor managers.

Auditproof at all times

Human error is reduced to a minimum with the Onyx One Tracking module. Most of the steps in the tracking process happen fully automatically, such as tracking certificate expiration dates and training.

The customer has a central role

Onyx One is a “Software as a Service” solution, and we take our service as seriously as our software. We are committed to providing you with quality support before, during and after implementing Onyx One.

Centralized contractor processes

The solution for greater oversight

Partnering with every department in your business

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