Charter of Good Faith


I believe that the world is a better place when: Everyone gets to do what they love.

  • Everyone does what they do best.
  • We can focus on what we do best.
  • We have the opportunity to specialize, which  means we need others to do what we’d prefer not to, i.e., partnerships and teamwork are a must.
    In short, I believe that the world is better off when we work together. Teamwork for the efficient and sustainable use of resources. Teamwork with our colleagues, suppliers, customers, and distribution channels. Teamwork with specialists, consultants, and contractors…and with the government in a regulatory framework.
  • Teamwork as individuals within a team.
  • Teamwork as a team within an organization.
  • Teamwork as a business in society.
  • I believe that partnerships and teamwork are possible through personal development. Teamwork happens when we:
  • are prepared for our mission
  • know what’s expected of us
  • have the autonomy to make (the right) decisions
  • are confident that what we delegate will be done well
  • trust that others are also prepared, have invested in personal development, and know what’s expected of them


We believe that work and teamwork only happen with these values as our lodestar:

  • Equality
  • Low-ego
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Appreciation

We believe that products and services will excel because of our:

  • Focus
  • Care
  • Professionalism

We support and stand for:

  • Individuality
  • Originality
  • Flexibility
  • Fun

We believe in making a positive contribution to society and the whole world.

We believe that our focus on data security in accordance with ISO 27001 and the GDPR delivers added value to our customers through, e.g.:

  • Privacy by design (for developments or designs)
  • Privacy by default (using default settings)
  • Partnering with the supervisory authority where needed
  • Doing our jobs as processors and controllers well


We help companies:

  • Train their employees
  • Make training processes more efficient
  • Gain insight into their employees’ development

And that’s why we develop e-learning courses and provide the Onyx learning environment.

We help clients:

  • Train and qualify their contractors
  • Gain insight into their contractors’ competencies
  • Be prepared when contractors arrive for work Manage their teams

We help contractors:

  • Efficiently get ready for work
  • Simplify their administration

We help manufacturers:

  • Train their distribution channel
  • Inform their customers

That’s why we’ve developed Onyx One and are creating an online community of the most efficient companies.



We partner with people who love what they do, are good at it, and share our values.

We support our employees in:

  • Personal development
  • Discovering what works and what doesn’t
  • Taking pride in their accomplishments
  • Taking responsibility
  • Choosing the roles they’ll perform
  • Making decisions as part of their roles

We work with customers:

  • Who improve through our solutions
  • Who respect us for what we’re good at
  • With whom we can develop mutual, lasting relationships
  • Who allow time and space for personal development

We work with partners who:

  • Are better at what they do than we are
  • Have fun working with us

For every process, we set targets that we measure and evaluate quarterly.
Our targets are:

  • 0 external audit discrepancies
  • 0 internal audit discrepancies
  • 100% trained staff
  • Holding quarterly OMS meetings
  • 100% follow-up of activities
  • 0 privacy and data security violations or complaints
  • Perform 1 recovery test a year
  • 0 security alerts in the annual security check
  • We review the results during our OMS meetings, where we fine-tune and add priority actions to the OMS action plan.

Geert Peter de Oude
Founder of Onyx One