Benefits by Job

A SaaS solution for all your company’s services

For Safety Managers

  • Comply with the Well-being at Work Law (legislation on working with third parties).
  • Definition, streamlining, and automation of internal security procedures.

For Administration

  • Rest easy, knowing the contractors you work with are approved.
  • A significantly reduced workflow: a third party takes care of the data entry.

For Project Managers

  • Pinpoint sourcing of the right contractor for the right job.
  • Direct access to the lead contractors.

For Security Managers

  • Grant or deny site access to third parties.

For Implementation Managers

  • Detailed figures and clear, orderly reports are at your disposal.
  • Get the necessary input for clear planning.
  • Simple implementation of new features.

For IT Managers

  • Every aspect of the cloud application is managed for you.
  • No need for servers, backups, or emergency protocols.
  • The guarantee that all data is exportable.
  • Integration with other applications, e.g., access systems, is an option.
  • A fully outsourced Help Desk.

For the contractor

  • Centrally manage data for multiple clients.
  • Easy sharing of company data.
  • Simple, speedy, and secure communication with clients.
  • Automatic notification when certificates expire.
  • Specification and qualification of subcontractors.