Tackle contractor safety with a digital solution

Whether they want it or not, digital transformation is high on the priority list of many manufacturing companies. This transition to a different business model or a different way of organizing, in which digital technologies play a dominant role, allows existing processes to be optimized. Have you already thought about a digital solution for working with third parties? With companies in the industrial sector being more controlled than ever, it is crucial that they have a strategic, systematic approach to managing all their relationships with third parties. A digital contractor management system reduces human error to a minimum, ensuring that no risk is overlooked. After all, contractors and subcontractors are essential to your business because of their specialized skills and expertise. But what about workflow? What about the safety issues that outside contractors can cause? Do you have a precise picture of the contractors who are on-site? For sure? Even if we are talking about subcontractors? Are all the departments involved on the same page? Digitizing your contractor management prevents third parties from being or becoming the weak link in your safety chain.