I believe the world is better place when:

  • Everyone does what he likes to do
  • Everyone does what he can do best
  • We can focus on what we can do best

We have the opportunity to specialise, which means that we need others who do what we prefer not to do and that cooperation is essential.

In short, I believe the world is better place if we work together. Collaborate so that resources are used efficiently and sustainably.
Collaborate with our colleagues, suppliers, customers, distribution channels.
Collaborate with specialists, consultants and contractors. and with the government in a regulatory framework.

  • Working together as an individual in a team
  • Working together as a team in an organization
  • Working together as a company in society

I believe that cooperation can be realised if we can develop ourselves.
Collaboration is possible if we:

  • Are prepared for our assignment
  • Know what is expected
  • Have the autonomy to make (the right) decisions
  • Can trust that the others are also prepared, have developed themselves and know what is expected of them

Geert Peter de Oude

December 2017