With Onyx One you can qualify your contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. online and partly automatically. The entry of certificates and attestations is done entirely by the contracting company. Both the company and any person entering your site (including subcontractors) are fully qualified and audited.

Once the qualification process has been completed, access to the site can be granted via QR code or access pass. Access is valid for a period of time determined by you. You know exactly who and when someone is on the company premises.

Onyx One can also be used to assign, monitor and test security training and gate film. This also happens automatically. Every person entering the site can be trained and tested in advance or on-site.

The Onyx One contractor management system is based on (and adaptable to) the local requirements of your industry, as well as to your company-specific requirements.

With the Onyx One system, you will have comprehensive reporting, you will be audit-proof and you will significantly reduce tax risks.


  • Fast registration and full qualification
  • Instant communication with contractor managers
  • Automatic follow-up of expiry dates
  • Entry of information by contractor company
  • Checking withholding obligation


  • You know exactly who you are working with
  • Only qualified people on the site
  • Automated online training and test modules
  • Instant access to certificates and attestations
  • Work permits


  • Find contractors that meet your requirements
  • Status contractor / subcontractor can be consulted instantaneously
  • Full audit overview

“The client has a simple follow-up tool, more accurate data and clear criteria according to an unambiguous process.”

“Procedures are much faster and we have accurate and complete information. We know exactly who we are working with.”

“Onyx is an open-minded company that thinks with the customer. They are open to constructive criticism. It is a fine collaboration that hopefully lasts for a long time.”

“Proactive, challenging and commercial drive ensured the success of the project. The communication was very good and deadlines were met. The team members we worked with were all professionals.”